191, September 18th 2017 – Eh, it’s Funko *Shrug*

In this week’s episode of Repacked we welcome Kenneth Yu to the madness. Craig talks about his lil Draken, Kyle gets shwifty, and Ken throws off the equilibrium with the end missionary.

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But wait, there’s more!

190 – September 11th: Hascon Has-beens

Hascon 2017 has happened, and much to the surprise of some, not only was it apparently a good time, but we got some awesome reveals as well! Yes, it’s another all news episode as we go into the reveals and thoughts on what we saw from the first Hascon event!


Transformers: Power of the primes

Marvel Legends

Star Wars

189 – September 2nd: Ben visits b4 HASCON



Bandai DX SV-262 Lill Draken pack.

Badcube Brawny (MP Scale Brawn)

FansHobby Flypro (MP Scale Grotesque)

ML Spider-Man Homecoming wave


TF Last Knight Cybertron

TF Last Knight Voyager Megatron

TF Titans Return Seaspray

TF Titans Return Trypticon



SHF Street Fighter R. Mika  SHF Street Fighter Akuma


TF Cyber Battalions Jetfire

Star Wars Spoiler section
Force Friday Chat

New SW Exclusives announced

Star Wars Force Friday reveals

188 – September 1st: The Man Thing Hair looks different to this



Titans Return Overlord

Star Wars Black series Grand Admiral Thrawn


SHF Ultraman Manga Ultraman Special Ver.

SHF Ultraman Manga ACE

SHF Ultraman Manga Bemular


Toys The Time Forgot book


Titans Return Perceptor



Lego UCS Millenium Falcon


Marvel Legends Sasquatch Revealed

Tamashii release info and prices


Playmates Classic Voltron 16” Combiner


NJCC Boss Fight Studios Vitruvian Hacks Fantasy Wave 3 and 4 revealed

Part 1

Marauder Task Force 1:18th K9 Dog, Exo Suit & Contract-Ops!

Star Wars Spoiler Zone

Tamashii Nations Reveals SH Figuarts for Star Wars: The Last Jedi

New Star Wars: The Last Jedi Black Series figures revealed

Re-Animated Episode 24: Wolf Children

The Re-Animated team returns again for another semi-regular recording all about anime! Craig, Celia, and Matt start with a review of the anime film, Wolf Children ! We follow it up with a review on the new series we have been watching these last few weeks.

Also, next episode we’re reviewing the 2017 anime series Little Witch Academia so make sure to watch and send us your opinions about it!

MP3 Edition