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Episode 203, December 25th – It didn’t go the way we thought.

So… this was originally supposed to be a regular toy episode.

Then… we started talking about Star Wars; The Last Jedi. And then it was 2 hours later.
Sorry about the technical issues at the start that cost us the first 20 minutes, but there is still a good big chunk of Star Wars here. So join Craig, Kyle, Paul and Nick as we discuss The Last Jedi

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Re-Animated 26: Perfect Blue

The Re-Animated team returns again for another semi-regular recording all about anime! Craig, Ryan, Celia and (For a few minutes) Matt start with a look at this seasons new shows, then discuss the 1990… something (There was some debate about that) movie Perfect Blue!

Also, next episode we’re going a little goofier, reviewing the first 13 episodes of the 2014 series Space Dandy!

ReWatched Ep10: Transformers – The Last Knight

The Transformers are back! And with the release of Transformers 5: The Last Knight it was time for a new ReWatched! But with the return of Bay there must also be another return…. a voice from the past who can handle this mediocrity….
A voice…. from Korriban itself….

Re-Animated Special Edition: Voltron; Legendary Defender Season 2!

Paula Gaetos from the Tokusatsu Network joins Craig for a Re-Animated special on Voltron: Legendary Defenders “Second Season”

Yeah, I used quote marks.

MP3 Edition

Re-Animated Episode 007 – Rage of Bahamut: Genesis

Re-Animated is a show featuring four Anime fans talking about New and Old anime! Each month we’ll talk about what we are watching at the moment, and go back and remember some of the great shows of the past!


This month: After an update on the weekly shows we’re watching, the boys take a look at the 2014 anime: Rage of Bahamut: Genesis!

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