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180 – July 1st: Headphones Wanted



Marvel Legends Rocket

Marvel Legends Ex Nihlo

SHF Kamen Rider Accel

SHF Kamen Rider Mach Chaser


Marvel Legends Green Goblin



Takara-Tomy Mall Masterpiece Stripes, Nightstalker, Enemy and Wing Thing Images

Marvel Legends Thor Ragnarok


Storm Collectibles SDCC Bearded Hot Ryu and Noob Saibot

Storm Collectibles Chun Li Preorder up/official pics

SHF Marvel Age of Heroes Exhibition Iron Man

NECA Aliens Burke vs. Alien 2-Pack

Bandai America SDCC Exclusives

MP3 Edition

176 – June 3rd: Everybody gets head!

A full boat of Kyle, Sal, Craig and Andy start the show with a listener question which informs both the Acquisitions and the News. This includes a lot from NECA, some Transformers from Tokyo, and of course Marvel Legends!

Listener Question
Hey fellas,

  1. Have any of y’all tried the Neca figure stands?  Are they worth picking up or should I just stick with the Tamashii stands?
  2. Thoughts on the Neca SDCC TMNT set tease?  I hope these will be easier to get unlike last year’s Arcade Game set.
  3. Speaking of that set, have y’all heard about or had an experience with the KO versions of the Arcade Game sets?  I got the Neca Mirage Multicolored KO’s a while back and have no problem with them, but didn’t know if they were worth my money.  And since y’all know which toys I should waste my money on, I figured I’d ask y’all first! 😉

Thanks! Eric –Host at Turtle Soup Podcast



NECA Dynamic Action Figure Display Stand

KO Arcade Shredder



Bandai DX VF-31J (Hayate) Armor Set

Marvel Legends Colossus

Marvel Legends Old Man Logan


Badcube OTS-09 Grump


Marvel Legends Dark Phoenix/ Cyclops two pack

Transformers Legends LG41 Leo Prime

SH Figuarts Chewbacca

Bandai DX God Sigma

Kyle’s God Sigma 



NECA SDCC TMNT Exclusive 8 Pack Case

NECA SDCC Sewer Mutation Alien Exclusive


Tokyo Toy Show 2017 – Legends, The Last Knight, and More Revealed

Tokyo Toy Show 2017 – MP-39 Masterpiece Sunstreaker And MP-12+ Sideswipe On Display

Official Images for Takara Tomy Transformers Legends LG-EX God Ginrai Set, plus Cab & Minerva

Clearer Images of Takara Tomy Transformers Legends Reveals

MP Dinobot renders from the booklet given out there!

MP3 Edition

175 – May 27th: House of Cards Spoilers!



Marvel Legends Spider-Man/MJ 2 Pack

FansToys Sever (MP Snarl)


Titans Return Wave 4: Krok, Quake, Topspin, Perceptor

TCW-01 Upgrade Set for Unite Warriors Bruticus

Toyworld Spaceracer (MP Cosmos)


Star Wars: Rogue One Bodhi Rook

Toy Biz Uncanny X-Men/X-Force Cable – 2nd Edition



SH Figuarts at toy show.
Part 2

Takara MP-39 Masterpiece Sunstreaker


GI Joe FSS 6.0 reveals – Dojo, Windmill, Rampart, more?

NECA Teases 6″ TMNT Figures – Possible SDCC 2017 Set?


Kaiyodo: Amazing Yamaguchi Revoltech Wolverine Promotional Pics and Info

MP3 Edition

172 – May 13th: Good Night and Good Morning

Welcome to a special Repacked episode with Celia Rose of Celia Rose Cosplay! Her and Craig acquired the Bandai DX Chogokin VF-31F Messer Ihlefeld Custom and they will break it down in great detail. But that’s not all. The US team of Greg and Andy are here plus we have a lot of Marvel Legends news. Toys Ahoy!



Bandai DX Chogokin VF-31F Messer Ihlefeld Custom

Fanstoys Soar (MP Scale Swoop)


DC Collectibles BTAS Batman and Phantasm 2 pack

Marvel Legends Kate Bishop Vision Falcon Captain America 3 pack


Star Wars Black 3 ¾ inch Shoretrooper

Star Wars Black 3 ¾ inch Deathtrooper




Bandai 1/100 Hi Metal VF-1S 35th anniversary Custom

All Kinds of marvel Legends Leaks!


Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back – Princess Leia Figure by Hot Toys

Ocular Max ReMix Volture And Buzzard Photos of Unofficial Laserbeak And Buzzsaw

Doctor Aphra wins @HasbroNews’ fan vote!

Preview of Potential NECA Head Display Stands

MP3 Edition

165 – March 11th: Rebandaged


The crew has been a bit banged up, but that does not compare to what’s been happening to their toys! Not even the Man of Steel is immune to the outbreak. Which figures actually made it out without a scratch? Tune in to find out!



NECA Christopher Reeve Superman

Titans Return Alpha Trion


Marvel Legends Ms Marvel

Marvel Legends Spider-Man 2099 v2

Andy + Craig

Masterpiece Grapple


SH Figuarts AOU Hawkeye


Heard you guys wanted more questions or lists of what we’re looking forward to in 2017, so I’m answering the call =)

Question: Okay, what announcements are YOU guys looking forward to? Specifically, what are the goofiest, long-shottiest wishes you guys have that you think could still happen anyway?

My List (Both logical and goofy):

1) More confirmation on DC Collectibles’ DC Films. There’s been a lot of talk swirling around about how the releases after Supes and ArmorBats may be cancelled. I hope they’re not true, as I still badly need normal Batman and Wonder Woman from that line. This line isn’t perfect, but with Figuarts articulation in the DC Scale, it scratches a very severe itch for me.

2) A properly articulated, swappable-armor line built around Injustice 2. A core element of that game is being able to customise your superhero’s outfit. Mattel already has existing lines with armor-swap gimmicks, including their six-inch Halo line, and Mega Bloks Halo, Destiny and Call of Duty. I know Mattel is a big time screw up, and I usually hate them with a vengeance, but hope springs eternal.

3) An articulated Cthulhu. I have been asking the universe for this for YEARS, now. He’s public-domain, and every monster collector will want him, for Godzilla or Gipsy Danger to beat up. Cmon, NECA. Cmon, Monsterarts. COME ON, ANYONE.

4) This one’s pretty much locked. I want SH Figuarts’ BvS line. With how cool the Dark Knight looks,  the Figuarts should be a no-brainer. I’ve held off on Figuarts a bit recently, because I prefer figures in a slightly larger scale, but I may have to go all on on their BvS offerings.

5) An official Hasbro Grimlock, based on the IDW design. His current comic appearance seems to be a combo of the FOC and TFA looks, with IDW touches that I’ve always loved, like the teeth on his robot-mode faceplate. I badly need that thing in toy form. (But frankly, I’d settle for any Neo-G1 / Henkei take on Grimlock at this point.)

6) Trypticon.

7) Speaking of Dinos, how about we get a Dino Riders revival? Will this be the year? Please?

8) More Pokemon from SH Figuarts. I know Ash is incoming, and favourites like Mewtwo, Lucario and Charizard have been made, but there are a ton of awesome designs in that series, and I’d love to see SHF do more of them. (Also, Mewtwo deserves a re-release or rework.)



Official Images of Titans Return Misfire and Slugslinger

BadCube Reveals OTS-01 Huff and OTS-13 Piper Prototype Images


Mezco one:12 Old Man Logan


Larry Hama Action Figure Kickstarter!

MP3 Direct Download