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Rewatched.. some number. Captain Marvel Review!

Looks its been a long time since the last one. Which I think was Maybe Infinity War. But hey, Nick and Craig are back talk about this little Indie film you may not have heard of. Captain…something.

ReWatched Ep10: Transformers – The Last Knight

The Transformers are back! And with the release of Transformers 5: The Last Knight it was time for a new ReWatched! But with the return of Bay there must also be another return…. a voice from the past who can handle this mediocrity….
A voice…. from Korriban itself….

ReWatched Ep 005: Avengers – Age of Ultron. SO MANY SPOILERS!!!!

Craig saw the Age of Ultron Premiere on the 19th. That night He and Paul sat down and talked the movie out. 8 minutes of opinion, 2 hours of Spoilery review.

‘Nuff Said