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Episode 226, July 1st – One Last JoeCon

Greg delivers news from the final JoeCon, Craig remembers the first time he saw Toys r Us, Ken relates a tale of PUNISHMENT, and the guys run out of words to describe something… very large.

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Episode 208 – January 24th: Lookin’ Up Hexa-Thingy

The two man crew of Craig and Ken talk a towering ton of transforming toys, plus some Kamen Rider, Hexa Gear, Marvel Legends, SH Figuarts Street Fighter, and more!

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199 – November 13th 2017: Lacuna Matata

Ken, Craig, Andy, and Greg have an in-depth discussion about MP Dinobot, and then it’s on to the reviews for the rest of the episode.  Ken gets burnt by a Hot Flame, Craig empties out his SHF bag, Andy has some Marvel Legends of the MCU, and Greg talks about his Fantasies from Boss Fight Studios.

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10:25 MP-41 Dinobot full color photos discussion
28:26 Ken – SXS-R-04 Hot Flame – Hot Rod
39:30 – Craig – Fanstoys Koot (Masterpiece Kup)
51:15 – Craig – SHF Juspion
55:57 – Craig – SHF Kikaider
1:01:55 – Craig – SHF Daguva Zeba
1:08:16 – Craig – SHF Lord Baron
1:16:04 – Andy – Marvel Legends Loki (Ragnarok)
1:25:40 – Andy – Marvel Legends Odinson
1:30:05 – Andy – Marvel Legends Star-Lord
1:33:59 – Greg – Boss Fight Studios Vitruvian HACKS Series 2

But wait, there’s more!

142 – August 30th 2016 DAI-PACKED

In this week’s show Kandy is reunited on the Raft, Craig calls in Magnus M.P., and Craig and Sal fuse into Cral the Destroyer to Blurr their Dia-Battles. In the news Andy shows us his Broadside, Kyle Jockeys for a new piece, Sal forms several opinions in Godzilla, and Craig shot the sheriff.



KANDY (Kyle and Andy)

kandy1SDCC Marvel Legends “The Raft’ Boxset


craig1craig2Masterpiece Ultra Magnus

CRAL (Craig and Sal)

cral1 cral2

Titans Return Blurr


Diaclones Dia-Battles V2


Hello there, Repacked Alliance.

Here’s something I’ve never told anyone: sometimes, I like to watch

Vocaloid live concerts solely because of the special effects.

Anyways, lately I’ve been having this issue that should be familiar to every single toy collector out there: I am sort of running out of storage space for my toys. My collection is not THAT big, roughly 60 pieces, but since I didn’t have that much free space to begin with I’ve had to resort to dodgy practices like stocking Figma boxes behind my TV or carefully hiding my Rideron in plain sight. Since you people at the Repacked HQ have collections way bigger than mine, I have to ask, what do you usually do when you start running out of space? Start selling stuff? Find some alternate means of storage? Employ time lord technology to make your shelf’s bigger on the inside? Please tell me is the last one.

And speaking of stock pilling…

BONUS CRACK QUESTION: If planet earth were invaded by some mildly lovecraftian Alien force and due to a convoluted set of circumstances the Repacked Podcast were the last line of defense (for further details, please refer to the upcoming summer blockbuster, Independence Day: Repackegence), which toy from your collection would you show to the Alien invaders in a last ditch effort to convince them that humanity is worth protecting/not to be messed with?

Trying to bring back Disco using forbidden magic, Ivanhobe, the Extraordinary Fanboy.



Titans Returns Broadside Revealed
mentioned) Legends Cosmos and Seaspray, Voyager Blitzwing and Octane, and more

andynews2 andynews3Blitzway Ghostbusters 1/6 Scale Figures Updated Pics and Info


NECA Teasing Alien Space Jockey 7-Inch Scale Release

Takara Unite Warriors EX Megatronia Revealed


S.H. Monsterarts Shin Godzilla 2016 2nd & 3rd Forms Revealed


S.H. Figuarts Chou/Super Mashin Chaser Official Images & Info

S.H. Figuarts Space Sheriff Gavan Type G (Space Squad) Revealed at C3Tokyo

128A – 31st May 2016: Dogs don’t stand!

The Repacked crew is back at it again with some new toys to talk about! Andy brings home a princess (but to us, she’s royalty), Kyle gets into Titans Return early, Sal super charges up a Megazord and Craig inches closer towards the Kamen Rider Drive finish line. Also, a bat shows up. Why Bats, Master Bruce? Well you’ll just have to tune in to find out!

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Click here for MP3 version




MP-29 Masterpiece Destron Laserwave (Shockwave)

Star Wars – A New Hope Princess Leia by Hot Toys


Titans Return Wheelie

Titans Return Rewind


MMC Ocular Max Remix Jaguar

NECA Alien3 Video Game Dog Alien

SH Figuarts Kamen Rider Ghost Ore Damashii

Power Rangers Dino Super Charge Black/Gold Megazord: Tri-Steg-Ptera Formation


SHF Kamen Rider Proto-Drive

SHF Kamen Rider Chaser

SHF Kamen Rider Drive; Type Formula

SHF Kamen Rider Mach; Dead Heat