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Episode 226, July 1st – One Last JoeCon

Greg delivers news from the final JoeCon, Craig remembers the first time he saw Toys r Us, Ken relates a tale of PUNISHMENT, and the guys run out of words to describe something… very large.

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Episode 223, May 28th – Five Points Festival, let’s get weird!

Sal takes on a journey to the strange and wonderful Five Points Festival to show off some amazing artisan action figures and toys.  That plus some dinosaurs (of course), Marvel Legends, and NECA SDCC exclusives!

But wait, there’s more!

Episode 222, May 28th – Schlubby Joe T-Rex

Listen, this will shock you, but Ken bought dinosaurs. A lot of them. Craig bought some Robots, and Greg some Marvel Legends. We’re nothing if not on brand. Also we cover the Tamashii Comicon reveals, and… And I hope you’re sitting down because we got a Listener question! All this and more in this week’s Repacked Podcast!

But wait, there’s more!

Episode 218 – April 23rd: Feels like Ben Affleck

DINOSAAAAURS, both robotic and real(?), edgelords of the highest order, giant robots, sons of Martha, and more as Team Pacific and Team US reunite!

But wait, there’s more!