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190 – September 11th: Hascon Has-beens

Hascon 2017 has happened, and much to the surprise of some, not only was it apparently a good time, but we got some awesome reveals as well! Yes, it’s another all news episode as we go into the reveals and thoughts on what we saw from the first Hascon event!


Transformers: Power of the primes

Marvel Legends

Star Wars


189 – September 2nd: Ben visits b4 HASCON



Bandai DX SV-262 Lill Draken pack.

Badcube Brawny (MP Scale Brawn)

FansHobby Flypro (MP Scale Grotesque)

ML Spider-Man Homecoming wave


TF Last Knight Cybertron

TF Last Knight Voyager Megatron

TF Titans Return Seaspray

TF Titans Return Trypticon



SHF Street Fighter R. Mika  SHF Street Fighter Akuma


TF Cyber Battalions Jetfire

Star Wars Spoiler section
Force Friday Chat

New SW Exclusives announced

Star Wars Force Friday reveals