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Episode 222, May 28th – Schlubby Joe T-Rex

Listen, this will shock you, but Ken bought dinosaurs. A lot of them. Craig bought some Robots, and Greg some Marvel Legends. We’re nothing if not on brand. Also we cover the Tamashii Comicon reveals, and… And I hope you’re sitting down because we got a Listener question! All this and more in this week’s Repacked Podcast!

But wait, there’s more!

Episode 219, April 29th – Make it into Batman

Can Ken turn anything into Batman? We find out this week! Also Craig (Almost) convinces someone else to buy a Macross fighter and Greg reminds us that some toys are still 3 3/4 inches and proud!

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Top discussion:

SH Figuarts Avengers at the showroom














Boss Fight Studios horse Kickstarter

ReWatched Ep12: Avengers Infinity War


Avengers Infinity War is here, and Nick and Craig discuss it. Randomly and disjointedly with lots of sidetracks. So, like usual.

Spoilers ahoy folks so be warned!

Episode 218 – April 23rd: Feels like Ben Affleck

DINOSAAAAURS, both robotic and real(?), edgelords of the highest order, giant robots, sons of Martha, and more as Team Pacific and Team US reunite!

But wait, there’s more!

Re-Animated Special Edition: Thunderbirds are Go Season 2!


The Classic series by Gerry Anderson is Back for a second Season! Or a 3rd and 4th season in America.

Look it’s back, ok?

Mike Nixon joins Craig once more as we look into season 2 (Or whatever) of the new Thunderbirds are Go! Spoiilers ahoy for the series, but I CANNOT reccomend it enough for fans of good cartoons and kids action adventure. Give this a listen, but most of all WATCH THIS SHOW! Season 3 (Or something) has just started airing in some places, and i urge everyone to take a look!