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Dishing on Delta – Episode 3


In this limited series, Craig will sit down each week, sometimes with other people, to discuss the new series Macross Delta, Airing Sunday Nights in Japan at 10:30pm.  Episodes are not comprehensive synopsis of Episodes, and will contain spoilers.  Enjoy!

This week;  After another technical hitch, Craig sits down alone to talk about Episode 3 of Delta. And a good episode it was!

Repacked Best of the Year 2013, coming in January 2014

Hi there Listeners, Craig here.

So back when we recorded The Fwooshcast we did a ‘Best Of’ every year, and we will be continuing that into the new series here! We record these shows in January, since a lot of toys hit right at the end of December and deserve to be counted. So sometime around then we will record the show, but before we do, we’d like you input!
Shoot us a message in the comments below, or send an email to and tell us your best of’s!

The categories are:

Best Action figure
Best Mecha/Vehicle
Best Toyline
Best Toy (Not from 2013)
Best Toy (2013 only)
Most Surprising Toy or Line
Most Disappointing toy
Most Disappointing Line
Most anticipated 2014

We’ll let you know the recording date once we have it set, and I look forward to reading your answers!

Halo Mega Bloks Series 8 Mystery Packs Found and CODES!

Could this be an exclusive news story?
The BRAND NEW Halo Mega Bloks Series 8 Mystery Packs have been found in Melbourne, Victoria! (Yes, down under in Australia!!!)

Albie here, and earlier today as I was shopping with Sami, we ran across the Series 8 figures in a local Coles Supermarket!

Here’s the list of figures in the assortment, followed by images of each figure (with code in view):
UNSC Spartan Operator Olive/Green (Common) – A08103MM
Promethean Crawler (Common) – A09103MM
UNSC Spartan Mark VI Purple (Common) – A16103MM
Covenant Storm Elite Red (Common) – A10103MM
UNSC Spartan HAZOP Orange (Common) – A07103MM
Promethean Watcher (Rare) – A14103MM
UNSC Spartan Air Assault Gold (Rare) – A15103MM
UNSC Spartan Soldier (Ultra Rare) – A11103MM


New Beginning!!

NEW weekly podcast about Toys, Action Figures, Dolls, Brick-toys and all that plastic crack that we, your hosts, spend waaaay too much of our hard earned cash on.