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Repacked Special: Wonderfest 2017!

The toy shows seemingly will not end as we transition form SDCC coverage to Wonderfest. Back to the usual show next week!

Wonderfest Gallery Links

Associated Shows

Repacked Special: Animal Warriors of the Kingdom Kickstarter

Greg and Sal interviewed Jason of Spero Studios about the Kickstarter, the first figures available (and some of the cool alternate heads), and talked behind the scenes of making the figures come to life!

Please check out and support the Kickstarter and like them on Facebook!

MP3 Edition

Repacked Special: Tamashi Nations 2016!


Still not at Episode 150 yet cats and kittens! The back half of last weeks record is all about Tamashi Nations and SH Figuarts. We have Craig on lead vocals, Sal on percussion and special guest Paul on lead guitar. The chapter breaks should roughly line up with the links below. Enjoy!

Repacked Special: TFCon Recap!

Before Repacked hits the big 150, Sal Craig and Andy sat down to talk about the reveals of the 3rd party panel at TFCon Chicago. They covered only the new reveals since the last TFCon so please use the slides from TFW2005 with the show notes to navigate and judge for yourself!

TFCon 3rd party slides via TFW2005

  • Maketoys

    • Thunder Manus (Powermaster Optimus) Slides 543-544
    • Striker Noir (Black Convoy) Slides 545-546
  • Mastermind Creations

    • Demonicus Prominion (Nemesis Nova Prime) Slides 473-476
    • Tyranatronus (IDW style Megatron) Slides 503-504
    • Ocular Max Stealth Sphinx (TFCon Chicago 2016 exclusive MP style cloaking Mirage) Slide 506
    • Ocular Max Roadcrane (TFCon Chicago 2016 exclusive MP style Hauler) Slide 507
    • Ocular Max Saltus (MP style Springer) Slides 525-529
  • Fans Toys

    • Apache (MP style Springer) Slides 250-252
    • Spindrift (MP style Seaspray) Slides 273-278
    • Koot (MP style Kup) Slides 279-284
    • Terminus Giganticus (MP Omega Supreme) Slides 285-296
  • Iron Factory

    • Legends scale “Sixshot” Slides 229-240
  • DX9

    • War In Pocket Bumper (Legends scale Slag), Quaker (Legends scale Sludge), Usurper (Legends scale Starscream), Biuebolt & Skyshaker (Legends scale Thundercracker and Skywarp), Rashcollider (Legends scale Ramjet), Noisybragger (Legends scale Thrust), Gallower (Legends scale Dirge), “Swoop” (no name yet), “Grimlock” (no name yet) Slides 132-148
    • Hanzo (MP style Sixshot) Slides 128-129
  • Fans Hobby

    • Flypro (Grotusque) Slides 64-71





NYCC Special: Arm Chair Coverage!

While Sal and Andy were on site, Craig and Kyle were observing NYCC from a far. And they have opinions about the reveals! Listen in to this NYCC special and we’ll be back with episode 148 late in the week.