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Episode 206 – January 8th: Get out of the MASK hole, and into the Rock Hole

This week it’s Repacked Pacific here to talk about some new toys in 2018! We got some Figuarts, both Kamen Riders and DC’s Superheroes. We got some Transformers of different types and styles (And Prices). And we got us a bit of a Flashback to talk about M.A.S.K.! Follow it up with a little Marvel Legends talk and you got yourself a well rounded little week of toy talk!

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But wait, there’s more!

Episode 205 – December 31st: Best of 2017!

The year is over, and it is now time for us to peruse or shelves and our order history to determine what were the best acquisitions of 2017! We’d like you to be surprised by the picks, so we’re just going to list the categories here. Also, if you submitted a best of list and didn’t hear it on this recording, please know we plan to read them all out in subsequent episodes.

  • Best Action Figure
  • Best Mecha/Robot
  • Best Vehicle/Playset
  • Best Toy Line
  • Best Older Toy
  • Most Anticipated Toy for 2018

Episode 204 – December 21st: Everyone is a Valued Customer

Andy, Sal, Greg and Craig cover a wide gamut of reviews and news this week, from GI Joe Collectors Club subscription Service to Power of the Primes Voyagers, FansToys Koot, Saint Seiya, and motorcycles with sidecars!

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6:17 – Greg – GI Joe Collectors Club FSS 6 Cross Hair, Captain Skip, and Hardtop
19:20 – Sal Power of the Primes Voyager Class
49:24 – Interlude of news – Walmart Exclusive Marvel Legends Black Panther 6-Inch Hero Panther Figure
1:01:57 – Andy – Fantoys Koot
1:07:06 – Andy – Transformers Legends LG52 Targetmaster Misfire
1:11:37 – Craig – Bandai Saint Myth – Chameleon Jun
1:25:14 – Craig – Bandai Saint Myth Saggita Ptolemy
1:31:55 – Craig – SH Figuarts Kikaider
1:36:46 – Craig – SH Figuarts Side Machine

1:41:44 – Craig – SHF Machine Builder
1:44:22 – Craig – SHF Kamen Rider Cross Z
1:48:54 – Andy – Star Wars: The Last Jedi – General Leia by Hot Toys
1:59:29 – Andy – Ringer podcast about the Star Wars lean years
2:02:13 – Andy – New 1/12 Scale DC Entertainment Figures by Soap Studio
2:08:27 – Greg – Transformers Power of the Primes Wave 2 revealed
2:17:54 – Greg – DC Collectibles cancellations

But wait, there’s more!

Episode 203, December 25th – It didn’t go the way we thought.

So… this was originally supposed to be a regular toy episode.

Then… we started talking about Star Wars; The Last Jedi. And then it was 2 hours later.
Sorry about the technical issues at the start that cost us the first 20 minutes, but there is still a good big chunk of Star Wars here. So join Craig, Kyle, Paul and Nick as we discuss The Last Jedi

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202 – December 10th: West Coast Repackers Unite!


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