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165 – March 11th: Rebandaged


The crew has been a bit banged up, but that does not compare to what’s been happening to their toys! Not even the Man of Steel is immune to the outbreak. Which figures actually made it out without a scratch? Tune in to find out!



NECA Christopher Reeve Superman

Titans Return Alpha Trion


Marvel Legends Ms Marvel

Marvel Legends Spider-Man 2099 v2

Andy + Craig

Masterpiece Grapple


SH Figuarts AOU Hawkeye


Heard you guys wanted more questions or lists of what we’re looking forward to in 2017, so I’m answering the call =)

Question: Okay, what announcements are YOU guys looking forward to? Specifically, what are the goofiest, long-shottiest wishes you guys have that you think could still happen anyway?

My List (Both logical and goofy):

1) More confirmation on DC Collectibles’ DC Films. There’s been a lot of talk swirling around about how the releases after Supes and ArmorBats may be cancelled. I hope they’re not true, as I still badly need normal Batman and Wonder Woman from that line. This line isn’t perfect, but with Figuarts articulation in the DC Scale, it scratches a very severe itch for me.

2) A properly articulated, swappable-armor line built around Injustice 2. A core element of that game is being able to customise your superhero’s outfit. Mattel already has existing lines with armor-swap gimmicks, including their six-inch Halo line, and Mega Bloks Halo, Destiny and Call of Duty. I know Mattel is a big time screw up, and I usually hate them with a vengeance, but hope springs eternal.

3) An articulated Cthulhu. I have been asking the universe for this for YEARS, now. He’s public-domain, and every monster collector will want him, for Godzilla or Gipsy Danger to beat up. Cmon, NECA. Cmon, Monsterarts. COME ON, ANYONE.

4) This one’s pretty much locked. I want SH Figuarts’ BvS line. With how cool the Dark Knight looks,  the Figuarts should be a no-brainer. I’ve held off on Figuarts a bit recently, because I prefer figures in a slightly larger scale, but I may have to go all on on their BvS offerings.

5) An official Hasbro Grimlock, based on the IDW design. His current comic appearance seems to be a combo of the FOC and TFA looks, with IDW touches that I’ve always loved, like the teeth on his robot-mode faceplate. I badly need that thing in toy form. (But frankly, I’d settle for any Neo-G1 / Henkei take on Grimlock at this point.)

6) Trypticon.

7) Speaking of Dinos, how about we get a Dino Riders revival? Will this be the year? Please?

8) More Pokemon from SH Figuarts. I know Ash is incoming, and favourites like Mewtwo, Lucario and Charizard have been made, but there are a ton of awesome designs in that series, and I’d love to see SHF do more of them. (Also, Mewtwo deserves a re-release or rework.)



Official Images of Titans Return Misfire and Slugslinger

BadCube Reveals OTS-01 Huff and OTS-13 Piper Prototype Images


Mezco one:12 Old Man Logan


Larry Hama Action Figure Kickstarter!

MP3 Direct Download


164 – February 18th: Moonblades or Moonarangs?

A little late, but another episode nonetheless! Andy’s diagnosed with lupus, Greg lords over the Star Lord and Craig acquires all the Guardians of all the Galaxies. Enjoy!



lupus_cupola_1 lupus_cupola_2

Maketoys Cupola  (Chromedome) FansToys FT-18 Lupus (Weirdwolf)


DC Collectibles Batman Beyond & Bruce Wayne



Marvel Legends 6″ Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2. Drax Movie Figure


Marvel Legends 6″ Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 Star Lord Figure


yondu10 marvel-legends-guardians-of-the-galaxy-masters-of-mind-review-darkhawk-take-off marvel-legends-guardians-of-the-galaxy-infinite-series-angela-review-low marvel-legends-titus-1

ML Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2


DC Collectibles BTAS Harvey Bullock


Jason’s follow up on rare figures: Thought you guys might like some context for my last email.  A couple years ago I acquired a six-inch Young Justice T-shirt and jeans Superboy (the version everybody actually wanted, yet was never actually produced) directly from a Mattel employee.   I was at a convention and had the opportunity to visit the home of one of the guests.  In his studio, on one of the desks, the figure was just lying there.  I gingerly picked it up and ask him “what is this?”

He replied “oh, it’s just Superboy from the Young Justice toy line.”

“This never came out.” I told him.

“Really? They produced it.”

“They never released it.”

“If you wanted take it.”

So I did.

Last year I showed Toyguru some pictures of it and asked if he had any info he could share.  He said it was probably a final test shot before going into full production and they probably only made 10 to 15 of them.





PC-16 Perfect Combiner Wars Upgrade Set By Perfect Effect



Boss Fight Studios AIYANA – ELVEN ARCHER




ml1 ml2 ml3

ML Spider-Man Homecoming Wave details

MP3 Edition


Toy Fair Part 2 & Wonderfest 2017!

Toy Fair was too much for just an episode plus Wonderfest happened as well. So it’s again an all news edition of the Repacked Podcast with Craig, Sal and Kyle at the helm. Enjoy!

Toy Fair News

Wonderfest/Japan Toy News

Other News


Toy Fair 2017!

It’s finally here! We present the first part of our Toy Fair coverage, focusing mostly on Hasbro’s Marvel Legends and Transformers. We plan on covering more next record including some Winter Wonderfest. But for now, listen along and click the links!

Marvel Legends


Hasbro Star Wars Black

DC Collectibles

Masters of the Universe Classics from Super7

SH Figuarts/Monsterarts/ETC

Voltron Legendary Defender toys

MP3 edition


163 – February 11th: Biking with Vince

In this week’s episode of the Repacked Podcast…
Ahh the episode before ToyFare. Light on news, but heavy on acquisitions. Craig contemplates where to but that giant Batmobile, Andy allows more SW black into his collection and Sal seeks out new hip joints for Iron Man. Enjoy!


Craig (@TheScreamMan)

DCC BTAS Batmobile/Batsignal/Batman and Robin set

SH Figuarts Amazon Omega

SH Figuarts Zero Drive

SH Figuarts Dark Raider

Andy (@abuddah)

SH Figuarts Luke Skywalker (ANH)

Star Wars Black Series 6” Death Trooper

Star Wars Black Series 6″ Force Awakens C-3PO

Sal (Ultrazilla Toys)

Marvel Legends Civil War 3-Pack


If you could steal any one toy from one of your fellow hosts what would it be and why?Do any of you guys own any extremely rare/unproduced figures?  If so any good stories as to how you acquired them?



Marvel Legends Spider-Man: Homecoming Figures

Toys That Time Forgot – Kickstarter For a Book of Unreleased Toys



DC Comics 6″ Multiverse Collect & Connect Wave 05 King Shark


Mezco Pre-Toy Fair 2017 Official Images

NECA 30th Anniversary Predator collection

(quickie) Alien: Defiance Xeno at Toy Fair

New Marvel Legends 12 Inch Hulk and Thor Images